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Blocked Broken Drain? What Options Do You Have?

There are a number of options you have if you have a blocked broken drain. Some of these require specialist equipment depending on the size of the problem.

Here are a few ways you can deal with the blocked broken drain:

Mechanical drain cleaning for blocked drains: Mechanical cleaning is carried out with a heavy piece of equipment commonly called an “Electric Eel” that has long cables which hook together to reach up to about 30 metres. The end of the cable has a cutting head attached to it to cut through roots and debris in the blocked broken drain. There are many sizes and styles of cutting heads for different diameter pipes and different types of blockages. Sewer and storm water lines are usually 100mm – 150mm in diameter so a 100mm – 150mm cutting head is needed to thoroughly clean the pipe.DRAINS 'R' US Blocked Broken Drain

High pressure water jetting for blocked drains:  Jetting is performed by high pressure water which can cut through tree roots (similar to power washing). Jetting is used to clean out other debris such as grease and solids in sewer lines and dirt, silt and other debris in storm water lines. We will suggest which tool is needed to take care of your specific needs.

Drain spot repairs: Sewer and storm water drain spot repairs are often made by excavating and replacing a small section of the pipe at the site of the damage or tree root intrusion. This is the best solution and a permanent fix for that section in most cases wether it is an earthenware or PVC pipe requiring repairs. We will suggest to the homeowner to install a clean-out pipe at the time of the repair. This is a vertical pipe the same diameter as the sewer or storm water pipe and it is installed in the yard so if any future cleaning or inspection requirements are required there is adequate access to the pipe work.

Drainage excavation and replacement: Complete sewer or storm water replacement may be needed to replace a larger section or the whole drainage system if it has deteriorated over the years or has collapsed or several breaks are seen. This can be done by excavating the area along & above the pipe and replacing it with a new PVC pipe. Provided there is adequate access, mini excavation equipment can be used which will dramatically reduce the costs over hand excavation. Sometimes there is no choice but to dig.

Structural pipe lining – Trenchless technology: If excavation is too difficult or not even an option then pipe lining or relining may be the answer. Instead of removing the old pipe this technology lines the inside of the old pipe. The pipe lining option can be a cost affective alternative by eliminating the need for major surface restoration. The lining material once in place is cured and the semi soft material becomes a new hard pipe within the old one with no joints to breakdown over time. A CCTV camera inspection of the affected pipe work is required first to determine its suitability for lining. DRAINS ‘R’ US has the equipment, experience and licensing to line underground drainage.

CCTV drain camera survey to visually identify and electronically locate drain problems: CCTV camera surveys are carried out using a lighted sewer camera on a long cable. A video of your sewer or storm water drain is DRAINS 'R' US Blocked Broken Draintaken to determine what your needs are. We will look into the pipe work and discuss the options once we see what we are dealing with. We will be able give you a copy of the tape or CD once we can download the information. We can show you the root intrusion on the monitor screen while we are there and provide location, depth and direction information. Pipe cleaning must be performed first in order to get the camera through the sewer or storm water system. If you have been experiencing frequent blockages then this tool can explain why.

Whatever the problem, blocked broken drains can be fixed. It’s a matter of know what application works best in each situation. If you would like advice on your drainage problem, you’re we’d love to assist. You can give us a call if you’re in Sydney, or send us an email.