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Blocked Sewer Sydney – High Pressure Water Jetting

Blocked sewer Sydney – Operating at pressures between 4000psi and 5000psi high pressure water jetting involves the use of high pressure water jets to clear a blocked drain. Built up grease, sediments, tree root intrusions and other foreign objects in household and business drains are cleared effectively with this process.

High pressure jetting can in most cases completely remove accumulated grease, detergents, dirt, mineral deposits and tree root intrusions which have built up within drainage systems over many years which leads to blocked drains. Drain jetting usually is the most effective way of breaking up the blockage debris and washing it clear of the pipe.

Why Use Water Jetting?

High Pressure Water Jet Blocked Sewer Sydney

Over time, deposits such as grease, fat, and mineral scale build up on pipe walls causing blocked drains. This material makes the wall rough, reducing the speed of the water it contains. As the water flow slows more materials are deposited worsening the situation. Also, tree roots can exploit existing defects in the pipe work like small cracks and loose joints or seals and make their way into the drain catching solids and waste as they move through the line causing a blocked drain.

The high-pressure water spray acts like a sharp knife and cuts the grease, tree roots and other foreign material off the walls of the pipe. The water used in the process itself creates a high water flow which will flush the sediments and waste away and down the drain.

Water Jetting Root Removal

Water jetting can be used to remove tree roots; this can be done by either using high-pressure water jets or hydro cutting equipment. We use the most up to date high pressure water jetters to clean your pipe work fast for any type of blocked drain.

Blocked Drain – Electric Eel

Blocked Drain Sydney

Electric eels unlike high pressure water jets use mechanical cutting blades attached to a spring steel cable which is manually fed down the drain and turned with an electric motor to clear the blockage and cut away tree roots etc.

Although the vast majority of blocked drains today are cleared using high pressure water jetting equipment there is still a place for the trusty old electric eel. For example, if your bathroom is already flooded with a blocked sewer line or your house is about to flood because your back yard is flooded from heavy rains, adding more water to the mix with a high pressure water jet can initially increase the volume of water in that area and potentially cause more water damage to interior surfaces. Electric eels don’t use water and so are a good choise in these circumstances.

Also, every drainage system is unique in its design and different types of drain cleaning equipment will behave differently inside the drain depending on the design of the pipe work being cleaned. DRAINS ‘R’ US® have been utilising both high pressure water jets and electric eels since their inception into the Plumbing industry and have the knowledge and experience to know exactly what piece of equipment to use to clear your blocked drains.

Having all the best equipment and technology is one thing, however it’s having the experience and know how attained over many decades that separates the men from the boys in this business.

For all your drain cleaning needs call DRAINS ‘R’ US® today.

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