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Blocked drains – Is your sink blocked or not draining as fast as it used to or making funny gurgling noises? Has your bath blocked up completely? Maybe your laundry tub is overflowing when you do a load of washing or is your toilet blocked and filling up when it’s flushed? You most likely have a blocked sewer!

Blocked drains? Are your downpipes overflowing or your yard drains flood when it rains? Do you have a bad smell or overflowing sewer gully on your property?

If any of these rings a bell you’ll most likely have a blocked sewer, septic or storm water line. Don’t stress over your blocked drains, call DRAINS ‘R’ US® and your blocked drain worries will soon be over.

Our Blocked Drain Service:

Our Plumbers use the most up to date equipment for blocked sewer, septic and storm water lines, or a simple plunger if that’s what is needed. We’ll identify the cause of your blocked drain first and then recommend the best solution. Wherever the blockage is our experienced Plumbers will have the skills, equipment and experience to do the job.

DRAINS 'R' US Blocked Drains

Our Blocked Drain Services Include:

  • Blocked sinks, basins & tubs
  • Blocked showers
  • Blocked baths
  • Blocked toilets
  • Blocked drains
  • Blocked septic systems
  • Blocked storm water drains
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Electric eel drain cleaning
  • CCTV drain camera surveys
  • Pipe fault location

How We Approach Blocked Drains:

Step 1: On arrival we will discuss with you the symptoms you are experiencing with your drains. For sewer and septic blockages this could be slow running fixtures such as hand basins, bath, laundry tub or kitchen sink. Other symptoms could also be toilet pans filling when flushed or yard gullies or inspection shafts in the yard overflowing. For storm water blockages you may be experiencing overflowing gutters and downpipes or yard sumps and grated drains flooding when it rains.

Step 2: With the above information we will then investigate the layout or design of the drainage system on your property to determine where in the system the blockage is most likely to be. In the case of sewer blockages we may also ask you if you have a copy of the local water authority’s sewer service diagram. Every home and business has a unique design of drainage so having a copy of this diagram for us to see can save us time and you money. You can contact your local water authority to obtain a copy of this diagram if you don’t have one.

Step 3: After we have determined where the blockage is in the system and a suitable access point we will use the most appropriate piece of equipment to clear the blockage. This could be the high pressure water jet or electric eel. How long this takes depends on a number of factors such as access to the site, the length of pipe work to be cleared, the type of blockage we are dealing with and the condition of the pipe work.

Step 4: Once the drain has been cleared we will inspect the section of drain we have been working on with a CCTV camera to confirm that the blockage has been cleared successfully. This is an important part of the process particularly when tree root intrusions are present as 90% of drain blockages are due to tree root intrusions associated with damaged pipes. With this visual information we can provide accurate information on the condition of your drain and advice regarding any repairs that may be necessary or in the case of tree root intrusions a recommended scheduled maintenance program.

Whether you need your drains cleared or damaged sewer, septic or storm water drains repaired or our complete CCTV drain camera service we can handle any situation.

For all your drainage solutions Call us today.

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