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Blocked fixtures – sinks, basins, baths, showers & tubs

Is your blocked kitchen sink, hand basin, bath, shower or laundry tub ruining your morning routine? With DRAINS ‘R’ US® you can be confident we’ll get to the root of your blocked drain or blocked plumbing fixtures quickly so you can get back on track.

DRAINS 'R' US Blocked Plumbing Fixtures

A blocked sink, basin, bath, shower or tub can be caused by many factors. Food accumulation in the drainage pipe is usually the most common cause for kitchen sink blockages. Hair and other bathroom waste will usually be the culprit in the bathroom with basins, baths and showers while lint and other laundry waste products can slow down or block a laundry tub waste.

Our Blocked Fixture Service:

When unblocking fixtures, we have a full range of equipment ready to use. Whether we need to use a plunger or high pressure water jet we’ll find the solution to get your fixture draining clear again. Let us know what your problem is over the phone and we can recommend some ideas to you before we get there. Once we arrive you can be certain that before we leave, your sink will be running freely again.

A blocked fixture needn’t take up your time. Call the expert Plumbers at DRAINS ‘R’ US® and let our friendly and careful operators help.

To get your fixture running freely again Call DRAINS ‘R’ US®.

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