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Tree Roots And Blocked Drains

Blocked drains – The intrusion of tree roots into sewers is probably the most destructive single element that faces those maintaining an aging wastewater collection system – Sanitary Sewer. Blocked drains – There are almost thirty thousand kilometers of privately owned sewer pipes in the Sydney area and most of all these collection systems are […]

Types Of Drain Pipes

There are a few different types of drain pipes commonly used in Australia. Each has their own different strengths and weaknesses, and vary in their use. Clay or earthenware drain pipes: The drain pipe to the right is a typical 100mm diameter clay sewer pipe 1200mm in length and weights approximately 30kg. Needless to say […]

Common Drain Problems In Most Homes And Businesses

The following is a list of common drain problems our Plumbers find in homes and businesses. Broken, cracked, collapsed pipe: Damaged pipes due to shifting soil, tree root intrusion, settling, building or landscaping works. Drain problems such as: Blockage: Grease build up, tree root intrusion or foreign object is restricting or prohibiting proper flow. Corrosion: […]

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Blocked Broken Drain? What Options Do You Have?

There are a number of options you have if you have a blocked broken drain. Some of these require specialist equipment depending on the size of the problem. Here are a few ways you can deal with the blocked broken drain: Mechanical drain cleaning for blocked drains: Mechanical cleaning is carried out with a heavy piece of equipment […]

Tree Root Pipe Blockages In Sewer Lines

Tree Root Pipe Blockages Older homes in Australia are notorious for problems with tree root pipe blockages in sewer lines, septic and storm water drains because older pipes were made of clay or earthenware and joined together with mortar or rubber rings. Mortar crumbles over time under ground just like the mortar around bricks above the […]

How Drains Work

How Drains Work – Sewer & Storm Water How drains work – Sewer, septic and storm water drainage systems work on the principle of “gravity”. This means that the liquid and solid matter moving through the underground pipe gets to the other end by simply running down hill under its own weight on the bottom […]